Royal Underground (gls002)

royal underground

artwork by Royal Underground
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1. loaded and ready

loaded and ready (6.1mb)

2. carma of mankind

carma of mankind (7.5mb)

3. try to believe

try to believe (5.7mb)

4. rejazzed

rejazzed (6.1mb)

download the ep here

This is bottom-up indeed. If bass is a message this utterly deep massage is going to spread the word. Impressions of big citys at night, carved in chords and forged in those classic beats. Time for the vampires to choose their hymne. This bite is going to last through the night, a shimmering soundtrack for subwoofers. But be advised! Do try this at home, in your car or on your walkman (oh the old days).

PS: The artist takes no responsibility for crashed loudspeakers!!