tokamak (red) (gls001)

tokamak (red)

artwork by max pfisterer
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1. tokamak

tokamak (8mb)

2. doxa

doxa (6.7mb)

3. aussenminister

aussenminister (6.8mb)

4. vertical05

vertical05 (6.4mb)

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“A tokamak is a toroidal (doughnut-shaped) magnetic plasma confinement device, the leading candidate for producing magnetic fusion energy. The term tokamak comes from the Russian words: “toroidalnaya”, “kamera”, and “magnitnaya”, which mean “toroidal, chamber, magnetic”. The last letter g was replaced by k to avoid analogy with the word magic. It was invented in the 1950s by Igor Yevgenyevich Tamm and Andrei Sakharov.”


“FUSION power offers the potential of an almost limitless source of energy for future generations but it also presents some formidable scientific and engineering challenges. It is called ‘fusion’ because it is based on fusing light nuclei such as hydrogen isotopes to release energy. The process is similar to that which powers the sun and other stars.”


One could wonder why someone should choose such a name. Well it is somehow both a political statement, as well as a good description of what the intentional sound and feel of this ep is, or should be. Somewhat subatomic, abstract but still full of energy. Yet some consider parts of this ep rather mad and irrational, so if you are under medication of any psychotropic kind i advice you: do not turn the lights out and do not look sixty seconds into the sun (neither i advice the use of the drill pointed at your head). For those kind of people who are boozed and/or smashed anyway: just dance on!

(As a political statement ´tokamak´ stands for the urgency of a new world-wide energy policy. And YES i mean that.)