somos - groove in a vial (gls006)

somos - groove in a vial

artwork by max pfisterer
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1. groove in a vial

groove in a vial.mp3 (6.3mb)
groove in a vial.ogg (3.7mb)
groove in a vial.flac (24.5mb)
groove in a vial.wav (46.8mb)

2. bunsenbrenner

bunsenbrenner.mp3 (6.5mb)
bunsenbrenner.ogg (4mb)
bunsenbrenner.flac (32.2mb)
bunsenbrenner.wav (48.6mb)

download the ep as zip file here

Burning midnight oil in his dark and haunted lab somos has returned with a vial full of pleasure and entertainment. With simple pings and poings the title track ensures maximum groove and smiling faces. Bunsenbrenner keeps it old school while feeding your synapses with some awesome sonic fluid.

please enjoy