somos - wrong words and good excuses (gls005)

somos - wrong words and good excuses

artwork by max pfisterer
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faktenlos.mp3 (7.4mb)

2. in your eyes

in your eyes.mp3 (6.1mb)

3. scholastica

scholastica.mp3 (6.1mb)

4. turn me in

turn me in.mp3 (7.1mb)

download the ep as zip file here

There are few words for the good sound but there is no excuse for a bad sound. So where is SOMOS going? For the few words i hope, for the classic vocoder punch lines and some oldschool glamour. Give them 4 to the floor Mr. SOMOS, give them breaks – drag them out there, make them pay with a dance. A big thanks goes out to deer and Christian Rottler for providing the vocals (lyrics and editing) for faktenlos.