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Making friends….

Our MySpace site is here; check it out and become our friends!!


Our old friend Christian Rottler has a new site (wordpress rules!)
check it out!

We wait for the man to come around…

…two upcoming releases to wait for: coojoo and royal underground
we will notify u!

“deer” friend

deer just released a new ep on e k w a ! - i love that sound!! check e k w a ! and regicide for more

Some changes!

No changes actually, but i thought it would be more convenient if one could download each track individually. So i just made that possible.

Thank you people!

First we want to say THANKS for showing up on saturday and we hope we will see each other next time (yes there will be another Glam Slam Night)! We had a good time and hopefully you did too! Pictures an so forth will come soon - we all had a little hangover yesterday.
Now here [...]


About losses and wins:
Well its about time. After endless editing, composing and mixing two of the promised three new eps are now ready. Go and check them out here! The third will come within the next two weeks (so will the somos cover). Its been a hell of a week: the press, the promotion etc. [...]

Glam Slam Night

21/10/2006 - Glam Slam Night @ Pleicher Hof
We are proud to present our first event in colaboration with Pleicher Hof and DJ L-mar who will present 20 years of finest electronic music - and of course our tracks!

(click the picture to enlarge)
Watch out: we will release 3 new EPs parallel to the Party!!

Opening glam-slam

“Slam, Bam, thank you, Ma’am”
So, it is official. We are up and running and u can now enjoy some delicious tunes, tracks and pieces of the pie fresh from the oven. We have no real agenda yet, however we are planning to release every kind of music that we find worthy of the description “glam-slam”. [...]